Valentine's Day Cards

: love themes and valentine's day card templates for kids, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, friends or just make a cute card for your husband or wife. Take a look at the previews. If you like one, then make it up. 5 pages of cards in all.

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Card 1:
cute hearts

glitter hearts, stars, card template

Card 2:
'Loving you always'

loving you always, hearts, greeting card

Card 3:
butterfly card with hearts

butterfly card cover with hearts

Card 4:
roses and hearts

cute Valentine's Day card, red carnations

Card 5:
'I luv you' card

I love you graffiti, card to print

Card 6:
'Watch out!' for cupid

Valentine's Day Cupid warning

Card 7:
I've been hit!

love struck, head over heals, Valentine's Day card

Card 8:
cats in love

Valentine's Day card with cats

page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

These cute Valentine's Day cards can be used for just about anybody. Use them as 2019 Valentine's day cards or as Valentine's party invitations. Make a great looking card for a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or just a friend. Print a blank valentine and decide what to do with it later. They can also be used as love, 'I love you' cards, boyfriend, or girlfriend cards, anniversary cards, or as love-theme birthday cards. Choose from several different card makers and print your own personalized Valentine card. You can also print matching Valentine's envelopes.

More Valentine's Day Printables:

Valentine's Day Award Certificates: You will find 20+ different Valentine's Day certificates that can also be used as party invitations or Valentine's Day cards!

Valentine's Day Coloring sheets: 25 different coloring sheets with Valentine's images.

For more Valentine's Day printables, see the Valentine's Day Printables Guide.


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