Halloween cards with Jack o' Lanterns

can be used for friends or for Pumpkin carving party invitations or as Halloween greeting cards to send. They also make great blank pumpkin cards and some can be used as just a cute Pumpkin Carving Party "Thank You" cards. Print Halloween envelopes or blank envelopes to match.

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Card 25:
glowing jack o' lantern card

classic jack o' lantern photo

Card 26:
pumpkin patch - Time's up!

pumpkin patch Halloween card

Card 27:
pumpkin farm

cute pumpkin photo card

Card 28:
Grim Reeper Jack o Lantern

cute Halloween pumpkin, grim reaper

Card 29:
Jack o' Lantern display

Halloween jack o' lantern display

Card 30:
"Happy Halloween ?"

traditional Halloween jack o' lantern

Card 31:
pumpkin patch greeting card

pumpkin patch photo, card template

Card 32:
pumpkin carving party invitation

pumpkin carving party invitation template

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