Printable cards with beach and ocean animals

: These free printable beach photo cards can be used for anybody. Use them as 2019 wildlife birthday cards or as personalized invitations to print. If you leave all the fields blank, you will have blank 2019 cards to print with beach photos. For more printable cards check the main page: MES Cards

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Card 1:
seagulls over the beach

beach wildlife card to print

Card 2:
sunset bird on the beach

beach card to print

Card 3:
dolphins jumping in the sea

dolphin card, jumping

Card 4:
whale tail splashing in the sea

whale tail card to print

Card 5:
penguins on the beach

penguin card to print

Card 6:
seals on the beach

seal card template

Card 7:
polar bear silhouette

polar bear card

Card 8:
a crab on the beach

crab card template

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